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The reason to contact me if you do feel inclined to book is simply feeling the inclination. The right people for me have made a habit of finding and booking my UK based male Dom BDSM service of late. Somewhere between the text, photos and the site’s design, my recent genuine enquirers have found themselves finding a male Dom that suits them. Presenting myself authentically maybe people have read between the lines and the connected the dots in my advertising figuring out something of the kind of person I am. If you are thinking whether to or not to and have a good feeling looking through my details, my advice based on this, is to get in touch.

One Comment on ““Getting in touch”

  1. Jen

    Hi John. I am interested in making a booking, however I have a few questions. Would my partner (male) be allowed to join in our session. Basically I would be with you and he would be watching as such. I have not done anything like this before but I am hoping you can help fulfil our fantasy.
    Also if I book the hotel do I just give you name of hotel etc and you turn up?
    Look forward to hearing from you.

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