Me, Kink Male Stripper & Entertainer for Hen & Bachelor Parties


It’s the early days, I remember an evening laying in bed asking myself is my thing in the same ballpark as male strippers for hen parties and my rookie pride decided it was beneath me maybe just a bit scared. Fast forwards 2 years to Dec 2017 coincidently or perhaps fate within weeks of each other I’ve done my 1st 2 pre-wedding party bookings. During the 1st enquiry call it was now quickly obvious I should answer yes I can entertain a pre-wedding party, lashings of job hours and actually kink, fetish, BDSM Master is maybe the most suitable angle for a male party entertainer 😉 but it is good though isn’t it, lots of kink stuff readily translates into activities with me, you lot, kit bag and a plan. Say, I don’t strip on arrival, I’m in charge and plees for me to are landing on deaf ears. In my mind stripping would be a reward so piece by piece I require demonstrations of effort by submission. It’s unordinary for Master dalton to have his bottom spanked but it might be allowed for party members to have a go still under strict instruction on how to do it of course.

prices depend on time and effort on my part! start at 200, it’s been easy fixing quotes on enquiry specs. Contact me

! how good

Master Dalton

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