“I don’t need to put you in bondage…” is how this paragraph used to start, still applies; If you comment no bondage in your enquiry/when asked that’s true, but I shouldn’t do vanilla because I’m not interested. This Escort page here I’m highlighting that with my kink services working as a Dom I know how to be assured and sexy, well dressed, groomed, makes me a decent dinner date and a good all round lover, won’t bleat “I’m the world’s greatest lover” but good all round lover I am. Additional to shorter private meetings I’ve regulars people I get on well with with busy lives or for whatever reason it works out well to have this genuine friend whose time they buy. It’s not weird, suppose how it’s tricky meeting up with close friends sometimes, if it suits you imo the making it happen aspect is the difference. Love my job, appreciate my clients, spending quality time together.