I was nervous before John’s first visit.  I very much wanted to experience being spanked, caned and perhaps flogged, but was unsure about having this done to me by a stranger. Those nerves were completely unnecessary. John’s friendly, relaxed, attentive manner put me swiftly at my ease, and I now count him as one of my friends.  Meanwhile, he has brought me untold pleasure in our sessions together. He is brilliant at his chosen job and consummately alert to the wishes and desires of those he visits. July 2019

I met John for the first time recently. His ability to put you at ease but yet take the lead assertively is wonderful. His cunnilingus skills are excellent. There were things that he did that took me to a place of complete release and relaxation. His athletic physic is very attractive and his physical fitness means he has great stamina. Very much looking forward to next time. January 2019

Master Dalton and I have now had 4 sessions and each time it gets better and better. Master pushes me a little more each time with fantastic results. I love being his little slut. Previously, I have only ever had an orgasm when I have been on top, Master made me orgasm twice in different positions. Fucking glorious, intense and power orgasms. He made me work for them though. Great spanker. Very good at restraint. Gorgeous cock. December 2018

4th session, and a great one, with Master Dalton in the @theBunkerLondon play space last night. Wow! They get better each time.
He took his time to relax me into it with some warm up nipple play until I was ready for a beautifully long thrashing on the St. Andrew Cross; slowly building up the intensity until I floated off into that beautiful sub head space – concentrating on nothing but the strokes and asking for more. That moment of release and compete submission was like nothing on earth.
Finally, some intense and well paced TT and edge play while I was strapped in the posture chair. He worked me into such an amazing frenzy of endorphins that I was asking him to hurt me just to enjoy the buzz and total submission and release of control.  He eventually allowed me to enjoy a totally amazing hands free orgasm and shoot (totally out of my control and a pure unadulterated ecstasy).
He has really taken his time to get to know me across our sessions, and what makes me tick. To start to get into my head and understand what I need instinctively. Each time I submit to him a little more, allowing him to own and control me mentally and physically during our sessions. The release from the stresses of every day life this creates is amazing – and allows me to really focus afterwards.
I recommend him totally, but remember – it takes time and a few sessions to build that connection. Once it starts it’s great. 06/10/17

“I’ve met with Master Dalton 3 times now.  He is easy to get on with and  very relaxed. He’s taken the effort and time to build up trust and work out what buttons I like pushed. The 3rd (most recent) session was in a dungeon play space, where he warmed me up with a good flogging on the cross before firmly fixing me to a cbt chair for a good all body working over – while I was under his total control and at his mercy. The hours passed effortlessly as he took me to the perfect edge, and held me there until I experienced a perfect full body orgasm.  Already booked in again.” 26/08/17

Reliable Dominant. Met three times now. John’s pics don’t do him justice and he is a nice person, with a great personality, who knows what buttons to press. I look forward to the next time. 10/03/17

I have booked John three times so far, and each meet just gets better and better. John takes time to understand his clients and contact between meets adds to the excitement of the next. He has a great body and knows how to get the best out of it, wonderful personality and I am starting to think of him as a friend. If you have ever thought about trying out something out of the ordinary or taboo, give John a call – you will not be disappointed. 21/07/16

Met John this afternoon and spent a wonderful time with him. He is handsome, intelligent and an interesting guy to get to know – he put me at my ease straight away. To be honest I was impressed after reading his profile and the attention to detail. I’m not really in dom stuff and said I’d like ‘dom-lite’ when we met – John was really attentive and tuned in to my needs. We had a sensuous, erotic session which I thoroughly enjoyed. I certainly look forward to the next time. Cheers John! 21/07/16

John is so good looking, he really needs to change his pics as they don’t reflect just how handsome this lad is. He was running late but kept me informed and we met first for a drink. He is an intelligent lad with good conversation. John has a wonderful body: strong and muscular and well defined, with a nice, big, thick piece of equipment. He’s a top lad and soon worked out what I wanted and delivered it perfectly. John is not a clock watcher and is unhurried and takes his time and is very sensuous. Will def’ book again and next time will treat myself to a dinner date with John and an overnight stay.

What an amazing meet! This guy makes you feel completely relaxed, he introduced me to things I had never done before and I felt completely at ease. 15/06/2016

Wow what a great guy, stunning looking, fantastic body and two hours of pure joy. I will deffo book again. You are such a nice guy and really enjoyed our meet. 05/05/2016

I had another great time with John. He’s entertaining to chat too, intelligent and down to earth. He’s also very sensual, great kisser. 20/04/2016

Fit sexy guy who knows how to please and does not clock watch. suggest you all check him out. 11/04/2016

Sexy handsome guy, confident and kinky, lovely and clean. Love spending time with John chatting and being naughty x. 07/04/2016

I had great time with John. Punctual and kind. Intelligent man and great company, wonderful touch. 05/05/2015