Presents make me happy, suitable surprises and my own suggestions big or little. Cash gifts like presents if you’ve got a few bob, thanks, make me very happy too.

*FOR CLOTHES – Waist 32″ leg 32″ – Shoe size 9 – Chest 40 – Fit medium



Deluxe sex toy to those that know. I’ve come across Stroking machines a couple of times and seen people intensely brought off by them. There’s the whole hands free aspect too. Big buggers with the case but they always are to handle the suction principle which powers them. Dear, big and noisy but explosive and unique. I’ll have one, would love to offer what this can bring and bring to scenes.



I like what I’ve got for impact play but I want more variety to my strokes after bottoming myself to research. I was like I need that that and that as well. The following beaters, whips, canes I want for extra variety of zippy stings, thuds and smacks. If I buy one in the meantime I’ll remove the link to it below.


The BMW M3 is my dream car and here is the ideal configuration.