Mental Health Of The BDSM’er (As In Being Good Apparently)

Jabbing about the internet for something to blog on I came across several articles about a Dutch study whose findings were published a couple of years ago suggesting BDSM, kinky sex ,et al is beneficial for mental health.

Being empathic can indicate a healthy mind. Inversely not caring other people’s feelings is unhealthy and beyond this not being aware of them is troubling. A tenet of BDSM is about knowing where someone else is at and where they want to be. Kinksters scored highly in the conscientious department. It’s looking good for BDSM mental health so far.

BDSM’ers are a self aware lot. Mental health is gauged on a person’s capability to handle life, this might entail knowing ones self, which extends to knowing one’s kinks. Exercising recognition of kinks in a proactive productive manner might encourage development of healthy psychological practice in other aspects of life.



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