LBC Radio chat with Lucy Beresford – YOUR INPUT FOR MY REPLIES


I’ve a 10 minute slot on LBC Radio’s sex & relationships show 8pm Sat 16th Sept 2017 chatting with the show’s host Lucy Beresford. I’ve been primed with these questions to answer on D/s relationships.

  • How do you go about discovering if you like being dominant or submissive?
  • Will it always be apparent which role you’re more inclined to play to do people change according to their sexual partner?
  • Traditional narratives would have us believe that women are generally submissive and men dominant – is that the case in your experience / how comfortable do people feel with switching those norms’?
  • How important is communication in these relationships?
  • Is it more about the items you bring to the bedroom – the whips, the latex, the handcuffs – or more about psychological control?
  • What is it about being dominant that turns people on?
  • Are there varying degrees of this kind of relationship? Give us an idea of what those who want to introduce a little bit of this to their sex lives can do, and at the other end what the most enthusiastic of doms / subs might do…
  • Do people naturally play the same role in the bedroom (dom / sub) as in everyday life, or is it in fact a pleasure to play the other in bed?

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