Email enquiries are most welcome you can also phone or text me.

I'm pleased discovering client requests getting to know each other before the 1st meeting and at an appropriate moment into the enquiry referring to booking and making a deposit or instead coming back to me later. Feel free to talk normally. Contact me as your relaxed self, submissive self, however you are. Refer to me as John. Don't refer to me as Sir/Master/Daddy. Session only.


  • My fee at the beginning.
  • Hygiene is paramount.
  • Don't ask me to prove who I am i.e. a photo of me with a piece of paper with something you've asked me to write on it. I'm genuine.
  • If you're asked for confirmation that you are who you're saying you are don't be offended. Not necessarily a scan of photo ID but whatever method suits us.
  • My rules have formed over an 8 year period according to what is best for you and me. It works.


  • Do you see anyone?
    I see anyone who conforms to the above and is respectful. Most of my clients are female, I'm hetroflexible - straight same time comfortable with men. Male I more see for shorter bookings 1-3hrs not overnight.
  • Will you meet me first?
    Yes we can meet with no session. Pricing the same.
  • What if we aren't compatible?
    Compatibility rate's high, more than i.e. a dating scenario. I'll be frank, more than high, all my sessions work now. I've made many mistakes. My super power isn't world's best Dom, it is that I meet a lot of people. The transactional nature of the meeting something clicks into place. We'll get to know each other first. What's certain is I'll feel comfortable. You feel free to feel however the hell you like nervous/confident/excited.

General FAQ's here

telephone/text: 07852 905472
Outcalls only.


I don't do in-calls at my home or in-calls when visiting a region. You're required to provide the venue, home, hotel, etc. feel free to ask for my advice.

Do suggest us hiring a dungeon/chambers. Not meeting in a dungeon first session/meeting is preferred. You'd be required to pay beforehand whatever deposit the particular play space venue requires.

I live in North Yorkshire and travel for bookings UK wide. This is normal for me and enjoy it. You  pay for my travel. I visit The Midlands and The South anyway so just get in touch.


  • 1hr Dom/Escort: £100 + fuel cost
  • extra hour £80
  • overnight: £300

York, Teesside, Leeds, Durham, Newcastle local, convenient 1hr booking fine £100 with £10 travel.

Northumbria, Scarborough, BradfordSheffield, Manchester, Hull, 1hr minimum still fine with £20 travel.

Liverpool, Cheshire, Nottingham, Lincoln, Blackpool, Preston, Lancashire Cumbria likely 2hr minimum booking required £180 with £20  travel.

London 2hr minimum + additional £20 and train fare from Darlington.

South of London is too far, come meet me in London.

Edinburgh the train's convenient, 2hr minimum is fine with fare. Glasgow requires extended/overnight rate.

Devon is doable ask details.

Norwich, Ipswich, East Anglia too far. Consider travelling and meeting me in i.e. Peterborough.

Often based in Worcestershire and 1hr to 2hr bookings are convenient for The Midlands and The South, Leicester, Nottingham, Loughborough, Birmingham, Cambridge, Shrewsbury, Oxford, Cheltenham, Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Reading, Maidenhead and Cardiff.