Bookings Statistics

Clients are interested what I get requested most, gender, age, kinks, sexual, non sexual. This is a brief overview: Gender: 70% female 20% male 5% m/f couples 5% Trans/Non Binary Age: 18-25 15% 26-40 50% 40-50 30% 60+ 5%

Master Dalton BDSM test results @

Cute little test I found and did here. Fair results == Results from == 100% Rigger 98% Dominant 94% Sadist 87% Voyeur 86% Degrader 84% Non-monogamist 80% Daddy/Mommy 75% Pet 73% Master/Mistress 71% Owner 70% Experimentalist 64% Exhibitionist 62% Primal (Hunter) 47% Ageplayer 44% Boy/Girl 39% Switch 38% Masochist 28% Primal (Prey) 18% Vanilla 7% Submissive 4% Degradee 1% Slave … Read More

LBC Radio chat with Lucy Beresford – YOUR INPUT FOR MY REPLIES

I’ve a 10 minute slot on LBC Radio’s sex & relationships show 8pm Sat 16th Sept 2017 chatting with the show’s host Lucy Beresford. I’ve been primed with these questions to answer on D/s relationships. How do you go about discovering if you like being dominant or submissive? Will it always be apparent which role you’re more inclined to play … Read More

“Introducing the UK’s ‘best’ male Dom….”

“Introducing the UK’s best male Dom/escort…” for several reasons imo no one could verified as such no matter how good Dom they are. Beginning my homepage’s promotional blurb with such a statement yet aiming to appeal to reasonable people is not the way forwards. What’s the point of this post? To get more personal with describing myself or at least further than … Read More

Mental Health Of The BDSM’er (As In Being Good Apparently)

Jabbing about the internet for something to blog on I came across several articles about a Dutch study whose findings were published a couple of years ago suggesting BDSM, kinky sex ,et al is beneficial for mental health. Being empathic can indicate a healthy mind. Inversely not caring other people’s feelings is unhealthy and beyond this not being aware of them is troubling. … Read More

Getting in touch

A fair reason to contact me if you feel inclined to book is simply feeling the inclination. The right people for me have made a habit of finding and booking my UK based male Dom BDSM service of late. Somewhere between the text, photos and the site’s design, my recent genuine enquirers have found themselves finding a male Dom that suits … Read More