Is this your full-time job?

How tall are you?
5' 10"

Do you enjoy your job?

Do you fake enjoyment?

Would you consider an overnight for a first meet?

Are you straight, bi, curious?
Straight, comfortable with the opposite sex.

Do you see more than 1 person in a day?
Rarely, I look at doing a single booking on a day with occasional exceptions.

How old are you clients?
Anywhere from 18 - 70.

Will you let me interview you for my academic paper on kink, sex work.
No. I'm unable to do this at this time.

Will you appear in or consult on a television series about sex-work.

Please could you advise me on how to enter the world of kink safely.
No. My service is an exercise in finding that experience.

Will you advise me on sex work?